Developing revolutionary mitochondrial-protective therapeutics

Reversing mitochondrial dysfunction to arrest decline in muscular dystrophy and neurodegeneration.


MitoRx Therapeutics

About us

MitoRx Therapeutics' first-in-class first-in-target platform has potential to arrest the progression of some of the most challenging diseases, focusing internally on 3 rare indications and partnering on broader indications.

Based in Oxford and Exeter, UK, MitoRx is developing a pipeline of pre-clinical programs to progress to the clinic. Built around the pioneer of mitochondrial-targeted sulfide donor technology, Prof Matt Whiteman PhD, the team is specialized in rare diseases acceleration and IP strategy.

MitoRx Therapeutics' MTRX technology is based on over a decade’s work, and over twenty publications demonstrating pharmacological utility in multiple in vivo models.

Multiple peer-reviewed publications since 2014 have proven beyond a doubt that trans-sulfuration dysfunction is a feature of several progressive rare diseases and broader indications as part of a shared pathophysiology preventing escape from mitochondrial dysfunction.

MitoRx Therapeutics MTRX approach reverses such mitochondrial dysfunction, enabling us to overcome mitochondrial-driven disease states which lead to muscle weakness, muscle wasting, cognitive deficit and neurodegeneration.

- Professor Matt Whiteman PhD, CSO

OUR science

Creating the ideal
mitochondrial medicine

The ideal mitochondrial medicine mechanism of action should:

• Restore mitochondrial function by modulating key mitochondrial metabolic transactivators which are under-activated in the target disease

• Simultaneously act at epigenetic, transcriptional and post-translational levels

• Be subject to safe enzymatic release within the mitochondria, avoiding rapid, abiotic or systemic release

MitoRx Therapeutics' proprietary technology exploits an endogenous mechanism which mediates sulfide-signaling, having the effect of substrate replenishment in states of trans-sulfuration deficiency omnipresent in several diseases and certain medical conditions, resulting in the restoration of adaptive metabolism.

While sulfide is rapidly metabolised, our products are potent and highly targeted, resulting in small and safe doses.

Pill Symbol

MTRX oral formulation administered daily in progressive diseases featuring trans-sulfuration deficiency

Veins Symbol

MTRX remains stable in circulation, avoids systemic H₂S release

Cell Icon

MTRX enters cells and accumulates inside the mitochondria

Mitochondria Symbol

Slow enzymatic release of H₂S at target within mitochondria, replenishing the substrate required for persulfidation

Ball and stick

MTRX-mediated restoration of sulfide-signaling via persulfidation

Muscle Symbol

Mitochondrial dysfunction is reversed, disease progression is arrested.

Disclosed Pipeline

MitoRx is developing a pipeline of first-in-class first-in-target small molecules for diseases involving mitochondrial dysfunction

Work with us

Partnering opportunities

MitoRx's pioneering new modality is the first potential medicine to restore sulfide-signaling, which is mediated by persulfidation. Our approach offers the opportunity to reverse mitochondrial dysfunction and halt progression in multiple diseases and medical conditions in which mitochondrial dysfunction drives pathology.

This includes our core internal programs for therapeutic use in DMD, CBS-deficiency, Huntington's disease, but also Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, sarcopenia, cancer cachexia, skin photoaging, COPD, and IPF. MitoRx is actively evaluating ex vivo out-licensing opportunities and collaborations in organ transplant.

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our talents

A team built for the challenge

MitoRx Therapeutics' mission is to arrest or profoundly delay progressive diseases featuring secondary mitochondrial dysfunction as the mediator of morbidity and mortality via restoration of sulfide-signaling dependent adaptive metabolism.

Our core team is expert in sulfide-biology, IP strategy, entrepreneurship, rare diseases, pharmacology, pre-clinical and clinical development, as well as partnering and business development.

Our Scientific Advisory Board
Mr Glyn Edwards MBE

Glyn was appointed Chairman of MitoRx Therapeutics in February 2022. He is also non-executive director at OxSonics & Orthoson. Glyn previously served as CEO of Summit Therapeutics plc 2012-2020 where he restructured the business, took the company through a NASDAQ listing and took its Duchenne muscular dystrophy  (DMD) clinical development program through late-stage trials. Prior to joining Summit, he served as interim CEO of the BioIndustry Association (BIA), and as CEO at Antisoma plc, a biotech company specialising in the development of novel drugs for the treatment of cancer from 1998 to 2011. Glyn was awarded an MBE for his services to the biotechnology industry in 2006.

Jon Rees PhD

16 years in industry including business development for Takeda Pharma Rare Diseases, VC deal sourcing for, successfully advising Ducentis BioTherapeutics on fundraising. Tranformative decade as spin-out CEO of leading biotech network OBN/BioTrinity. PKD patient charity trustee. Researched metabolic engineering at Oxford.

CTO, Head of IP and Co-Founder
Norman Law PhD

Experienced leader in biotech IP, skilled in patent law, technology evaluation and competitive intelligence. Previously Head of IP at Adaptimmune ($ADAP). Pharmacologist with 28 years industry experience who has taken two drugs from bench to market at TopoTarget (now Onxeo), research training at Yale and Cornell.

VP Drug Discovery
Rick Cousins PhD

Supporting MitoRx strategic medchem and external relations. Independent medchem and drug discovery consultant supporting investors, biotech and pharma since 2018 following a 30-year career at GSK as a Senior Research Director

Julie Holder PhD

Leading MitoRx's preclinical research. 40 years of experience at GSK and at several biotech's companies in the design and execution of preclinical and toxicology studies utilizing small molecules, biologics, ATMPs to support FTIH studies

Consultant Head of Research
Laure Humbert PhD

Led research teams of up to 30 preclinical scientists at Immunocore and Synaptix Bio, successful IND/CTA and BLA submissions.

Consultant VP Clinical Science
Allison Morgan PhD

30 years' experience developing clinical strategies and alliance management with UCB, ProSensa, Parexel and Abbott including over a decade consulting to innovative biotechs, including significant experience in NMD.

Consultant VP Investor Relations
Melissa Strange LLB MBA

Successfully raised $200m in dilutive and non-dilutive funding whilst holding senior finance roles, including multiple CFO roles in life sciences. LLB (Hons), FCCA and holds an MBA from Oxford.

Chris Charman PhD

27 years accelerating transformational therapies at Izana, Takeda Rare Diseases and Novartis. Led development planning and launch for two respiratory products.

Proteomics Consultant
Rob Cooke PhD

Former CTO at Sosei-Heptares, 33-year career including two decades at GSK as Senior Director Drug Discovery Operations.

Finance Director
David Richardson BSc ACMA AMCT

David brings over 30 years finance experience to his new role as Finance Director. He has held board positions at a number of venture-backed technology companies and his experience in the industry includes senior finance roles within both AstraZeneca and Evotec.

Inventor, Co-Founder and CSO
Prof Matt Whiteman PhD

Professor of Experimental Therapeutics, University of Exeter Medical School. Previous positions include Associate Professor and Assistant Dean, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore (2000  - 2007) and visiting professor (Physiology, 2018). Other visiting professorships / scholar include the University of Christchurch, (New Zealand; 2006) and Siriraj Hospital / Mahidol University (Thailand, 2018). Key to elucidating the role of H2S in vivo and invented the first mitochondrial-targeted sulfide delivery molecules. Grant awards totally £6 m for mitochondrial H2S rescue of disease. > 20 years’ experience of redox biochemistry and pharmacology. 180 + publications, H-index = 80.

Senior Discovery Scientist and Co-Inventor
Dr. Roberta Torregrossa

Experienced and highly skilled medicinal chemist from within the Whiteman and Wood Labs, specialized in the synthesis and in vitro testing of new mitochondrial-targeted hydrogen sulfide-releasing compounds with over 21 publications already including conference presentations.

Dr. Mark E. Wood, D. Phil

Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, University of Exeter. 25 years experience in sulfur heterocyclic chemistry in academia and industry, including GlaxoWellcome Fellow and Tutor in Organic Chemistry, University of Oxford.

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